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This piece is about an epiphany I had when I was unexpectedly laid off a while back; bear with me.


In the midst of my unanticipated job hunt, I found that there was a part of myself that wasn’t actually fully convinced that I was going to get another job.


After months of interviewing and applying, I finally realized - “I’m already at what I thought would be rock bottom, its not that bad, and I’m not about to stop doing what I’m doing until I get another job - so I might as well just say fuck it and keep going”.


Once I eliminated the option of quitting, success became a function of time. Without quitting, I would either get another job, or die.


It wasn’t until I actually made this switch that I was able to operate without hesitation - because even if the opportunity at hand didn’t work out, I’d just keep going until there was another. And another.


There's a distinct difference between wanting a goal, and actually being serious enough to go about getting it. Once I eliminated failure as an option, I finally felt that I was able to do more than just want to get a job - I was actually dangerous enough to do it.

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